April 12, 2018

Reasons to Use Article Writing Services

We write articles for clients who are:

– students

– magazine editors

– professional organizations

– newspaper editors

– entrepreneurs who need website content

– bloggers

– etc…

For each article writing project, we need the full details on what topic you want written and the style you want them written in.

Articles that are for publishing online, will be Search Engine Optimized with LSI. This means that they will be written with an intention to rank well in the search engines.

All articles are researched and written from scratch. They are not re-written from PLR (private label rights) articles and you will have full rights to do whatever you want with them.

SEO Article Writing

For SEO (Search Engine Optimized) articles,  you are required to supply the keywords for each article so that they will rank well in the search engines.

We will mention the keywords in appropriate places within the articles so that they don’t interrupt the flow of the content. Writing with SEO in mind, will ensure your articles have a good chance of getting search engine traffic.

Please note that we don’t keyword stuff your article with keywords so that it doesn’t make sense. The articles we write are intended for people to read and will entice them to check out your resource box and website.

LSI Article Writing

When we write articles, LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords will be included. LSI is a system used by search engines to check related words on a website.

If for example, a web page is targeted for the keyword “desktop computers”, the search engine would also look for related keywords to rank the importance of the web page. e.g. keyboard, mouse, CPU.

After ordering the articles, you will be sent a form to specify:

– the topic you want to write about

– the title of each article (optional)

– the keywords you want with each article

– the intention of the article such as visiting a website or to call a number for more information etc…

If you want anything which is not available with our article writing service above, please contact us. You will be notified of the completion date after we have confirmed payment and your requirements for the articles.

Normal delivery date is around 7 days, depending on the current workload.