February 10, 2018

Why Do You Need A Blog?

Companies or individuals now require the use of blogs more than ever to market themselves and their products online.
If you haven’t setup a blog yet for your business, then you need to…NOW. Having your own blog is not an option anymore. You need to set one up as soon as you can to start attracting visitors and increase sales.

Reasons To Have A Blog

1. Blogs are proven to rank high in search engines. The majority of traffic on the internet which websites receive, are from search engines.

2. The main search engines include Google, Yahoo and MSN. If your website is ranked well in at least one of them, you’ll be getting visitors for as long as you are on the first page of the search results.

3. Blogs are meant to be updated regularly. This means they have fresh content which is why search engines love blogs. They will spider your blog looking for fresh content. Static websites cannot do this. You can tell what type of content is popular with your blog by tracking your visitors. With this knowledge, you then can focus on writing the same topic to drive more visitors. Blogs have plugins you can install easily to track your visitors.

4. Blogs will communicate to blog search engines whenever there is new content, and the search engine spiders will come to crawl your blog. The content on your blog, will be indexed in the search engines quickly.

What Does Blogging Involve?

1. Your blog requires continuous attention. You need to post regularly. It is best if you can post daily and stick with a
schedule. Look at it this way, if you visit a blog with good information you’ll return later on to see what new content there are. But if you visited a blog and the last updated date was like 4 months ago, what would you do?

Posting regularly to your blog has 3 effects:

– new visitors seeing your website for the first time are more likely to bookmark your blog if they see that good content is regularly posted.

– you’ll have more and more content everyday on the internet. This means you’ll have more chance of getting found on search engines.

– you’ll attract regular readers to your blog who’ll read your posts several times a week.

If you monetize your blog with ads and recommend affiliate programs, you’ll be well on your way to making money online. Remember that a stale blog means a forgotten blog that no one will visit.

The points above are the reasons why I advise people to blog daily. Once  you get into the habit, it’s an easy task.